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Konnecti is a FREE B2B rating platform – enabling SMBs to use their reputation to grow their business. Mapping existing business relationships in a transparent, open, and interactive manner.
How does it work?
Member Companies rate the perform of their existing suppliers, and enjoy powerful search for lead generation, and for discovering new suppliers who have a great reputation.

5 Things you should know about Konnecti....

1) The Company Profiles are Real

  • Members are fully verified - before they are able to claim their Konnecti company profile and give reviews.

2) The Relationships and References are Real

  • We ensure that only verified members can give reviews, and review companies cannot suppress or modify these reviews.

3) No other online source - paints a clearer picture of your brand

  • It takes years to build the kind of relationships that give your company credibility – we help you to use your reputation to market your business.

4) Free and Unlimited

  • As long as members keep their profiles up-to-date, they enjoy free and unlimited usage.

5) We help you grow your business

  • We connect you with local business customers who are looking for your services, by sharing with them trusted suppliers who enjoy a good reputation.