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How it works

Think of us like a matchmaker for local businesses. We introduce businesses to each other based on their mutual interest and connection.

Meeting new customers

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Invite past and current customers to leave a review about your company. Building your profile helps you attract new customers.

Receive Leads

Every week we'll send you introductions to other businesses interested in finding a company just like yours.

Follow-up & Close

After you close new business, they'll leave a review and rate your performance. The more you use Konnecti, the more customers you'll get.

Searching for a vendor or service provider


You tell Konnecti What you're looking for, and we handle the rest. We recommend service providers based on connection and performance.

Choose Candidates

When we make suggestions, you can choose between vendors that you think are fit for your preferences and who have great ratings and reviews.

Start Working

When you select a vendor, they'll follow up with you and you can get a quote and start working with them.

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Premium intros



Premium intros


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